Spiritual is as Spiritual does

Paying close attention

A look at the 2 Peter 1:3-11 In a world of posturing and virtue signalling it is easy to forget the simplicity of doing good. Being right is of little value if you do not do right. We live in a divided world where it seems that certainty is more important that accuracy. Where a …

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The Return of the King

3rd seal of revelation

I was in Costco picking up supplies recently and it was shocking to see hoarding, empty shelves, and limits on what you could buy. This Covid-19 virus seems to be terrifying everyone. Nevertheless people were polite if cautious and those working the checkout line were making the best of it and were quite cheerful. As …

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Regarding Humanity

Little girl with crayons

Man(אָדָם)(in the Genesis sense) In God’s image Man(אָדָם) is Male and Female 2 persons/1 substance (Gen 2:21-24) Unique Adam looked over all the animals and found none like him and thus none suitable for a mate. Rational Named all the animals “They” (male and female) were given the Earth to rule. Man was a “they” not …

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Beginning with the Bible

Bible and glasses

From “The Way of the Bible” I have often heard people say, sometimes in frustration, how can we understand the Bible? Smart people throughout time all seem to study it and all seem to get different answers. How am I supposed to get the “right answer” when I read it? This may seem like a …

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Regarding God

Glacier Park Lake McDonald

Self existing – uncreated – supernatural(beyond the natural universe) – Transcendent Eternal All-Knowing All-Powerful Personal – Self-aware – Source of all being and personality. Reasonable Knowable Triune – 3 persons/1 substance Father – is eternal, is a spirit, and the source of all – distinct from the Son and the Spirit but one in essence …

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Foundations of the Way

Building the foundation

This article is a summary of topics crucial to walking the way of Jesus. Each topic will be discussed in depth in a series of follow-up articles. God Self existing – uncreated – supernatural(beyond the natural universe) – Transcendent Eternal All – Knowing All-Powerful Personal – Self-aware – Source of all personalty Reasonable Knowable Triune …

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The Way of the Bible


Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Psalms 119:105 The word of God is the only reasonable guide if we are to walk the path of God. It is His path and only He knows the way. But how does God communicate His way to us? This may …

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The Path is not a Mountain

covered bridge

The path of Jesus is not a mountain to be climbed.It is not desert to cross.It is not a code to be cracked.It is not a puzzle to be solved.It is a love to be lived. Too many times I have approached the journey of following Jesus as if it were through some secret doorway that God moves every night …

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Followers of the Way

the road through a forest

In the first century, Christians were called followers of the “the way”. Now whether this is a play on Jesus’ words that “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life” I am not sure. What catches my eye in this phrase is the fact they were not known by their beliefs as much as …

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A beginners guide to following the Way

Glacier Park Lake McDonald north view

When Jesus introduced the way of life to the masses he began by describing the heart that is required in the follower. He opened his teaching by declaring: “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”  Matt 5:3 First and foremost Jesus wanted to let everyone know that the path …

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